INTERNET GAMES | casino war


Casino War can be played with 6 decks. The value of the cards it’s the same as the poker ones, except the ACE that is always the highest card. The hand of cards doesn't matter in Casino War.

Once you have bet, you will gain a card and one for the dealer. Your card and dealer's card are compared. The one who get the highest card wins.
The player have two options if the player and the dealer have the same value card. 1.- Surrender and loose the half of his original bet of casino war. 2.- Go to the war.

If you decide to go to the war, you have to do another bet. This bet must be the same of your original one.
The dealer do the same. The house throw 3 cards from the deck (this are called 3'burn cards') and the dealer sends another card to the player and himself.
If the second card of the player its the same or exceed the dealer’s card, the player wins his bet 1:1 both from the original bet and the war bet.
If the second card of the dealer exceed player's card, this one loose both bets.

The additional bet of Casino War:
It is possible to bet the game will end in a draw, than do a normal bet in casino war. This bet normally pays 10:1. There is another place you can bet for draw up of the place you can do normal bet - called “Tie Bet”.